About us

Entoto Beth Artisan is a FAIR TRADE Ethiopian social business dedicated to restoring the HIV/AIDS infected community on Entoto Mountain by providing fair-wage employment to over one hundred women. We create uniquely hand-crafted jewelry pieces using local materials such as recycled tire thread, recycled bullet casing, reused artillery shells in our metal beads and even coated Ethiopian coffee beans.

In addition to this, we produce wonderfully designed leather products by giving employment opportunities to a number of people. EBA, in collaboration with some government offices, imports and hires internationally talented designers for diversifying the products we offer to the world. EBA is also planning to utilize the locally made beads to combine with our leather products and produce an even higher quality product. Due to this we are getting more and more demands for our leather products from different countries in the world and been exporting Canada, USA and Australia.

Our Vision

  • Empowering and improving the standard of living for double discriminated women using trade as a tool
  • Becoming the leader of high-quality jewelry and leather products producer and a fair trade firm in Ethiopia
  • Acquiring a high level of expertise in modern leather products

Our Mission

  • To hire and make less privileged women capable of producing a high-quality product
  • To expand our project size to accommodate more underprivileged women

Our Objective

  • To be the leading destination place for quality jewelry and leather products in Africa
  • To double the revenue generated so as to increase the number of beneficiary women in need
  • To equip the beneficiaries with the necessary skill through on the job and out of the job training

Meet the Founder

Bethlehem Berhane

Bethlehem Berhane (Betty) is the founder and owner of Entoto Beth Artisan (EBA).

Betty’s inspiration for Entoto Beth Artisan originated from an experience when she visited a group of underprivileged and HIV positive women seeking refuge at a mountain top church commonly known as Entoto. The women, shunned by their families and with nowhere to turn, resorted to a life in a church compound under extreme poverty and despair.

Betty, who is no stranger to poverty herself, recalled her own experiences of growing up in a family that had all too little. Betty also recalled the family’s struggles and her mother’s strength and perseverance to rise above the impacts of poverty. It didn’t take too long for Betty’s empathy to turn into inspiration. She then decided to start a social enterprise that would eventually restore courage and dignity in the lives of underprivileged women.

In 2012 EBA was founded as a jewelry business creating employment and restoring self-esteem in HIV positive women. Since then, EBA has grown to be known as one of the most successful jewelry businesses serving the local and international markets. Today, EBA is serving as a vehicle to fulfill Betty’s dream of creating hope, courage and self-sufficiency for 200 HIV positive women.

Betty used this success as a springboard to launch new complementary business lines including her 100% cotton scarfs and leather bags. Betty’s vision is to become the number one player in the jewelry, cotton and leather businesses serving both local and international markets. With this, EBA will continue to offer employment opportunities for 2,500 more vulnerable and at-risk women in Addis Ababa and its vicinity.

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